Where we work

The Gift of Grace Education Project teaching programme is centred in the rural village of Owerre-Olubor in Delta state, Nigeria. Grace Kerry's parents were fierce advocates of equal access to education for all, and in their life time sponsored many disadvantaged children, enabling them to get an education they would otherwise have been unable to afford.

Her mother was particularly concerned with education for girls. Grace Kerry witnessed first-hand how education can be a real way out of poverty, as well as a means of empowering both the individual and their community.

Education in many parts of rural Nigeria is failing, and if children do not have educated or well off parents, they will most likely not get an education at all, or get a rudimentary, substandard education which will not prepare them for the job market, thus trapping them in a cycle of poverty.

Where we work

The Gift of Grace Education Project works in partnership with a local community group - the Agape Group - who support and mentor young people in the local community.