Dr Grace Kerry

The aim of the Gift of Grace Education Programme is to help children in rural Nigeria get a good education. We provide free supplementary education for primary age children, in Owerre-Olubor, Delta State, Nigeria.

The Gift of Grace Education Project targets children with the lowest learning outcomes who are suffering within the educational system, due to circumstances of personal hardship, poverty and low self-esteem. We are particularly concerned with opening up opportunities for girls who are disproportionately uneducated in rural areas. We aim to provide a conducive and caring classroom environment to enable them to learn effectively.

We provide this through a Saturday school that targets children between the ages of 5 and 12. The teaching includes an enrichment programme for the brightest pupils to ensure they achieve the highest educational standards. The school currently caters for 120 children, and we intend to increase this number as we obtain more funding and resources. In addition to teaching, an important part of this programme is providing free meals to the children. For many, this will be their only meal of the day.


Our mission is to provide sustainable education and community development programmes to underprivileged children in Nigeria.

We support primary aged children that have been trapped and devastated by poverty and who lack educational opportunities. We want to make an impact on their lives, to give them a voice, and inspire them to reach for the sky.

Where we work

The Gift of Grace Education Project aims to:

  • Provide primary education to underprivileged children - especially girls.
  • Reduce poverty and hunger.
  • Provide gender equality and empower women.
  • Promote global partnership in development.

Why we do this

In rural Nigeria, if education is provided at all, the classrooms are often overcrowded, with up to a hundred students in one class, and the buildings are dilapidated. These schools often have poor teaching standards, with under qualified teachers and poor learning outcomes. Compounding this problem is the political climate which regularly results in teachers not being paid for months at a time, fuelling resentment and disinterest in their work, and triggering regular strike actions. It also creates a real need to find alternative sources of income, which in turn causes teacher shortage.

Many students are also malnourished due to poverty and/or parental ignorance.

The Gift of Grace Education Project believes that education dramatically increases a young person's life chances, opportunities and life-long earning potential, and that it is through providing good education that we can best help to alleviate poverty in Africa.

What the children learn

Basic Maths and English skills, Health and Hygiene, Social Studies and Citizenship. Using appropriate resources and visual aids, we aim to encourage creative thinking and problem solving skills in pupils who have previously only learned by rote. We implement Individual Education Programmes (IEP) for each child, using resources not readily available in rural Nigeria e.g. books and equipment, thus encouraging interactive learning. We use our expertise and perspective on key learning objectives to improve the basic curriculum and implement literacy acceleration programmes. All pupils progress will be monitored by regular assessments.

Who does the teaching

Teachers are recruited locally. We work with local partners in Nigeria and in the UK to train the teachers in lesson planning and preparation, effective curriculum transition, proper teaching methodology and teacher conduct, and comprehensive pupil evaluation. Having completed the training, we then provide them with a teaching curriculum. The curriculum aligns closely with the Nigerian national curriculum and has been prepared by Grace Kerry, the Gift of Grace Project's founder and CEO. Grace Kerry is a qualified teacher with a British Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and has extensive teaching experience in both the UK and Nigeria - including having previously been a school inspector and Advisory Teacher in the UK.