Appeal for Isy

This is 9 year old Isy (Isioma in full). Isy has cerebral palsy and is partially blind and has been through unimaginable trauma all her young life. We are seeking to raise £2,000 for her treatment and special education.

Isy survived being drowned at birth by her natural mother; was then offered for sale and was finally abandoned by her mother to be cared for by her paternal grandmother in the village (Owerre-Olubor) where we work. "She is very hard working house girl" they tell us and often subjected to merciless and bruising beatings (please see the scars on her left hand). Her gait is affected.

Despite all this, Isy is a confident, cheerful child and rarely misses Gift of Grace Education Supplementary School every Saturday where her attention was drawn to our Executive Director two years ago. She cannot read or write because she cannot see printed material or the blackboard. We have been following her progress or lack of it for two years and has recently been taken twice for treatment at the Eye Clinic at Agbor (15 miles away). She is currently on various eye drops for a month to be followed by further treatment. But we need financial support for her treatment. We are concentrating all our efforts in making life as comfortable as possible for Isy. She still lives with her grandmother but two of our teachers are overseeing her overall care in the absence of our Executive Director, who has taken very keen interest in the wellbeing and medical care of Isy.

It is sad to say that Isy is not an isolated case in the rural areas. Though not necessarily physically disabled, there are many young children, especially girls who are suffering acute deprivation, physical abuse hunger and neglect. These are the reasons Gift of Grace is in Owerre-Olubor to educate, and be the voice of the voiceless. Please support us by donating what you can through our donation page: Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated.